Marco Fasciglione has 15 years of experience as researcher, legal adviser and trainer in international law field, with specific experience in international human rights law mechanism, corporate responsibility, migration’s flows regulation, protection of the environment. In these topics, he has developed solid training and advising skills and competencies working for academic institution, public bodies and the private sector. Marco Fasciglione has, also, an extensive experience with PCM evaluation tools and techniques of legislation, public policies, programmes, projects, and tenders in different policy fields.

Former legal officer at the European Court of human Rights, Marco Fasciglione is author of several papers, comments, reports and other scientific documents. In the same topics he has given lectures at symposia and seminars. Marco Fasciglione experience shows a qualified combination of strong legal analysis and research management skills, excellent drafting skills (both in English ad in French), strong capacities for effective policy analysis, excellent communication skills, and a thorough understanding of human rights issues.

In 2002 he has been honoured with the Roberto Marrama Prize “In search of talents”, annually awarded in order to prize young ‘ideas entrepreneurs’ of Southern Italy.